I dunno if the title of this post is actually applicable … maybe something more appropriate would be “As MY World Changes.” You see … I am a week into being a married man, and although nothing has really changed, everything seems to have changed.

I dunno how I would describe this feeling, experience, or event … not sure how to fully explain this one. I know, you must be totally surprised – Mo? Doesn’t know how to write extensively about something?! ButI guess there is a time for everything – yeap! I’m at a loss for words.

That whole “I’m responsible for another person” thing hasn’t really hit me yet, although there was that time when she had to take out all her liquid stuff from her bag (I was blamed for not reminding her about the new rules (let’s forget that she has traveled since the London events)) and then I had to go buy all this new stuff for her. Does it sound like I’m complaining? Good … I’m trying very hard too ;o) Nah, it’s actually not all that bad. It’s good to have someone to be around, and to think I now have a personal feeder when I’m driving … so totally worth it! You can drive and get fat at the same time – I mean, too good to be true, right?

No … today is your lucky day! Step right up and get married. Sign away your life for a few moments of pure “driven” bliss, where the comforts of food, and the joy of the pedal come together in perfect harmony!

I’d love to write about all the events that have happened over the past few days (no, not THOSE events … I always knew my audience were perverts!) but I dunno where to start. Between the endless eating, and the countless parties, and the constant dressing up, it’s all a blur. I’ll try something new … maybe I’ll start at the beginning!

Obviously, my London post is left half done, but I’d lose a lotta time going over the events with Aneel. Let me just say that he made my day absolutely and thoroughly enjoyable. It involved a lot of jokes, a lot of sightseeing, and a lot of laughing. Thanks bro! Much appreciated!

I got home to a house full of the excitement that surrounds a wedding home. In other words, everything was a mess! Clothes everywhere, jewelry boxes, suitcases overflowing. Everyone looked exhausted, especially my parents. They had been busy setting up the new couples room and it looked spectacular. I guess more than anything, their effort was so clearly visible, it made it all the more appealing.

The next day, I had an appointment at the Grooming Lounge spa for men, thanks to my friend Gina. I was kinda iffy about the whole thing, but was also intrigued by it. I dragged my cuz along with me, and altho he talks like I totally forced him into it, he has to admit that it was actually quite a lot of fun! We got manicures, a relaxing facial, and I got a haircut. We came out with our faces all red and pimply – we looked HAAAWT!

Sunday morning we left for Tampa and man, that was something! 6 people, 8 carryons, and 12 suitcases! And most of them over the baggage allowance of 50lbs! Not to worry … a lil tip slipped in the right place does wonders ;o) All the bags were checked in curbside with no problems and off we went.

My family greeted us in Tampa and the parties were officially underway. Along with the incessant teasing. I guess I was shielded by the whole thing since I was so far away, but there was no getting away from it here, I suppose. We had uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews … everyone was up in the joint. But it felt really nice to see everyone coming together for MY wedding.

I guess I should mention that it has been somewhat of a joke in my family as far as my wedding goes. I think I started making noises about wanting to be married back when I was like 17yrs old, and either everyone was so tired of hearing about it, or they enjoyed it so much – they all decided to attend the event. I wasn’t complaining!

Everyday family members were pouring in from all across the US, and this was shaping upto be the ONE event where my ENTIRE family would attend, save for one uncle and his progeny. And I guess I should I also mention that my dad’s side of the family is huge! 11 brothers and sisters makes for a lot of cousins, and fortunately, we all get along great.

Tuesday was the day of the mehndi … the official wedding kickoff event. This event is hosted by the brides family, and it’s a chance for the grooms family to display the gifts they are giving for the bride – the wedding and valima outfits, the various other outfits and all the jewelry.

I was soooooooooo extremely nervous leading upto the mehndi, and I was trying to keep myself busy in everything else but getting ready to go. My main reason for apprehension: being the center of attention. No fun!

Anyways … to make a long story short … we got to the venue sooo late (like 2.5hrs late, but who’s counting!) but it turned out great. I was nervous for the first 10-15 minutes, but after that it got easier and I actually started enjoying it. We have some fun stuff we do during the mehndi, and after all was said and done, we got back to our hotel at around 1ish.

Everyone gathered in our room and before we knew it, it was nearly 4 and we decided to finally call it a day. Tomorrow was the big event … the actual wedding. The day of no return, the moment of truth!

I’ll try to do this in pieces so it’s easier for everyone to swallow ;o)