Growing Minds Preschool Winter Concert – Dec 2014

Usman’s first school concert πŸ™‚

Growing Minds Preschool Winter 14 Concert

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Vietnam – Dec 2014

There are some more on the way, but I thought I’d put these out there anyways.

As always, thank you to everyone who takes the time to see them and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Vietnam Dec 2013

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My quarterly updates are here again!

Apologies, as usual, for the late update for the last trip pictures. It took me almost 2 months to get around to uploading them, but they’re here!

Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you enjoy them πŸ™‚

Italy September 2013

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Makkah August 2013

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Eid Al Fitr 2013

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Finally, some new content on the website :)

As infrequent as my updates are, I decided to mass publish a lot of albums in one go this time around. So here are all the various pics from January 2013 onwards.

I hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

And as always, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

Jeddah Trip

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Riyadh Zoo 2013

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GCC Trip 2013

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Karachi Jan 2013

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Jerusalem and Jordan pictures are up!

Here are the pics from our recent trip to the Holy Land, and various sites in Jordan, and Sharm el Sheikh

Enjoy! πŸ™‚


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New albums added!

Hey! So I’ve finally gotten around to uploading pics from our last trip stateside. One set from Toronto, and the 2nd from the US.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

US Trip - Mar 2012

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Toronto - Mar 2012

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So I found this cool little site that allows you to make a map of all the places that you’ve visited. Although, I’ve been blessed to have seen quite a few places, I am still only upto 13% … better start traveling more often and to more exotic places soon. Gotta at least see a quarter of the world before it’s time to bid farewell.

Visited 29 countries (13%)

Malaysia: Truly Asia, 2007

DISCLAIMER: The decision to actually choose Malaysia as a honeymoon destination was more circumstantial than by our real desire to visit the country, at least not as our first destination. With the suffocating restrictions that go with having a Pakistani passport, Malaysia is one of the few countries that allow visa-on-arrival for said passport holders.

Having said that, I can honestly say that it was one of my funnest trips to date, from all that happened, and all that we got to see and do. The country, it’s people, the sights, the experiences were so wonderful, and I’m having a hard time fitting everything into my memory bank.

Sure, the weather was hot and humid, and I went from looking like a dark North Indian to a dark South Indian … but that’s all part of the game.

The trip overall was a bit winded, since I had to get Hina to Kuwait before I could join her so she could get her new re-entry visa back to Riyadh. Gave her a chance to catch up with her twin, as well as giving me a chance to hang out with friends like old times.

I ended up in Kuwait for 5 days to visit with family as well, and it was great schmoozing with everyone after sometime. Attended quite a few parties, and gathered a plethora of gifts from all our well wishing friends. If any of you actually ever get to this … we’re very much grateful for the love and kindness!

I guess I’ll keep with the format from the last few trips … do a “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” … that way I can summarize and you don’t have to get too bored with reading endless rantings of a madman.

A lil background first … we departed Kuwait on March 5th, and landed in Malaysia midnight on March 6th. Layovers are a real bitch, and scientists really need to discover time portals …

2007 happens to be Malaysia’s 50th anniversary of their nationhood, and they’re promoting this to no end, with taglines galore. Whether Malaysia is “truly Asia”, I dunno, but it’s great whatever it is.

Ladies and gentleman, without further ado, let’s get started:

The Good:

  • Dewans Filharmonik Petronas: For me, this was the absolute highlight of the trip. Going to a world class facility to enjoy an evening of great jazz music live, performed by the tremendous Chick Corea and Gary Burton. The whole air of the evening was grand, from the ladies dressed to impress, and the guys in their suits. I was able to secure the exclusive box seats in the first level balcony which gave us a great view from the top. The music was wonderful, and just having a chance to experience the whole event was a highlight in itself.
  • The hotels: Sure, I paid quite handily for some of the places we called home at night, but it was totally worth it. From the Pan Pacific Hotel and KLIA to our last hotel, The Mandarin Oriental in KLCC, every hotel came with it’s own character, and each had service beyond compare.
  • The spa treatments: I had always imagined myself enjoying a nice aromatherapy massage, with some nice ambient music playing, and loving every second of it. I didn’t realize that in reality, I would enjoy every millisecond of it. Talk about total indulgence and unsurpassed sense of relaxation.
  • Masjid Ubaidiah: No Top 10 Must See In Malaysia should be complete without reference to this one of a kind quaint mosques in the peaceful town of Kuala Kangsar. The town was once the royal capital of the State of Perak, and it still echoes the grandeur and elegance of years past. Long winding roads flanked by lightly blooming trees, the soothing lakes and the beautiful architecture add a sense of calm that I have not felt in very many places.
  • Underwater World: Langkawi’s main attraction after the beautiful beaches. Much like any other aquarium, but the variety of species on display were breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Hina and the Monkeys: An extremely hilarious (scary at the time) incident that happened on our first day on Langkawi. So, Hina and I decided to take a tour of the island and make the most of our time. Our first stop was Temuran Falls, a tranquil spot just a stones throw away from our resort. Due to conflicting reports from various hawkers, we started on the wrong trail, although that wasn’t the hilarious part. Being a lil thirsty and hungry, we purchased some food and hand carried it onto the trail. Apparently monkeys love food too (who knew?!?) and decided that 3 of the chief monkeys (as Hina calls them) could take on one lil Hina. Apparently they were right. As soon as they saw us, they started their chanting and took off towards the bag of chips. Hina and I at first thot it was so cute until the monkey actually got within striking distance and then all hell broke loose. I couldn’t stop laughing and Hina was running back towards the trail, and the poor woman fell down hard over the curb, and by then the monkeys made away with the bag of chips, as well as my very expensive zoom lens! It took a while, but finally the taxi driver was able to coax the lil booger to drop the lens from the tree and take a yummy cookie instead. All for naught … the lens is virtually useless. Oh yeah! we’re talkin about Hina here … poor thing was in pain the next day, altho the aforementioned spa treatment took care of that the following day.
  • Trishaw ride in Penang: Although, I was feeling a little concious when we started our little tour of Georgetown on this bike-rickshaws, I thoroughly enjoyed it by the time we got off in Little India. It’s a very different view of the city you get riding in an open carriage, with the constant rattling of the gears behind you, and the incessand buzzing of cars and motorcycles around you. We enjoyed it so much, we ventured into a trishaw once more before departing Penang. Must do!
  • Batu Ferringhi: The supposedly “happening” spot on the island of Penang. This is where the action happens every night … the NIGHT MARKET! Just a hop from our hotel, we were able to enjoy the lively atmosphere virtually all our nights. Very exciting place.
  • Hawker Stalls: I think I spent the least amount of money on food in Malaysia, most likely because I never dined at a proper restaurant except for 2 times. The rest of the time we frequented small food stalls setup along the various markets, and I swear they offered the best food in town, for the best prices too! It would be a stretch to say that a very satisfying meal for 2 cost more than $5 on any given night.
  • Central Market: The awesome indoors market in KL, selling everything imaginable at unimagineable prices. Not sure what else to say for this one … great bargains all around.
  • Ferry Ride (Penang -> Langkawi): What to say … clear blue waters, cool breeze, great cloud cover, soft sunrays stroking your skin. You get the point :o)

The Bad:

  • The annoying rain: As you can tell, I have to look real hard for something as a “bad”, but the rain really did put a damper on our last evening in town. Stranded under a jittery covering outside a small store for over an hour waiting for the rain to subside, and then paying 9RM to a cab driver to cover less than 3 city blocks was awful!
  • Chinatown: Apparently we’re one of the few that didn’t see the charm this street-turned-shantytown holds. We planned an entire evening around Chinatown which included a nice dinner at one of the hawker stalls (see above), combined with a few blissful hours of shopping. The only highlight of Chinatown was a commotion when the police raided the area looking for DVD piraters. Yeap, too much fun. Actually … I take that back … I enjoyed one more thing there: a very delicious glass of fresh sugarcane juice! Price? A grand total of $0.23!!!
  • Twin Towers SkyBridge: Where should I start with this one?!? You queue up early morning for a ticket for an odd hour during the day, and then when your entire days’ plans are thrown in a turvy, your entire trip up, including the small movie and elevator ride up, take less than 15 minutes. The views aren’t that spectacular, and for the few things you do see, you aren’t given enough time to fully take everything in. I guess I really shouldn’t complain about something that is free, but come on.

The Ugly:

This will be hard to come up with, cuz really there really weren’t that many downtimes on our trip, but I can think of a very few.

  • The rude taxi drivers: I only mention this for the 3 total a$$hole drivers we encountered on our entire trip. 1 in Langkawi, and 2 in KL. The one in Langkawi was the grand daddy of all tho. We were starving and got some KFC on our way and as we try to open it up to grab a nugget, the guy turns off the AC, looks angrily in the rear-view mirror, pulls down his window and then proceeds to say “You stink my car. No eat car.” The nerve. I agree that he has the right to ask us not to eat in the car, but damn, how about some tact and politeness?! The remainder of the ride, he kept looking back to make sure we weren’t sneaking a bite in between breaths.
  • Near heart attack in Dubai: So, this morning we land in Dubai and make our way to the Passport Control queue. We’re chatting it up and as I reach for my wallet, my hand embraces an empty pocket. The fear, shock and panic that hits you at this point is remarkable. Especially for me … both my passports were in the wallet, and that meant no entry to Saudi. It was 5:10AM and the next few hours were pure hell. I must’ve walked the length of the airport a good 5 times trying to get some answers out of the police here. It was finally around 8:47 when a very kind officer in the police department decided to escort me to the plane. Before we arrived, word was sent to the cleaning crew to look hard, and as I starting making my way down the aisles, a gentleman from the cleaning crew informed me that they had indeed found the wallet and had sent it to the lost and found! Talk about relief!!!

Umm, yeah … can’t think of anything else that would be deemed ugly.

Although, I will say that I have presented a very short list in “The Good” section. There really were a whole lot of great times. I’ll just do an honorable mention list:

  • Batu Caves
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Lunch at E&O Hotel
  • Kek Lok Si Temple
  • Wat Chayamangkalaram Temple
  • KL Tower by night
  • Shah Alam State Mosque
  • The KL Krafts Komplex
  • Little India (Penang and KL)
  • Lake Gardens

WOW, I realize that I can keep going so let’s save this for a rainy day spent in the company of good friends.

Malaysia … perhaps Truly Asia!

As the World Turns

I dunno if the title of this post is actually applicable … maybe something more appropriate would be “As MY World Changes.” You see … I am a week into being a married man, and although nothing has really changed, everything seems to have changed.

I dunno how I would describe this feeling, experience, or event … not sure how to fully explain this one. I know, you must be totally surprised – Mo? Doesn’t know how to write extensively about something?! ButI guess there is a time for everything – yeap! I’m at a loss for words.

That whole “I’m responsible for another person” thing hasn’t really hit me yet, although there was that time when she had to take out all her liquid stuff from her bag (I was blamed for not reminding her about the new rules (let’s forget that she has traveled since the London events)) and then I had to go buy all this new stuff for her. Does it sound like I’m complaining? Good … I’m trying very hard too ;o) Nah, it’s actually not all that bad. It’s good to have someone to be around, and to think I now have a personal feeder when I’m driving … so totally worth it! You can drive and get fat at the same time – I mean, too good to be true, right?

No … today is your lucky day! Step right up and get married. Sign away your life for a few moments of pure “driven” bliss, where the comforts of food, and the joy of the pedal come together in perfect harmony!

I’d love to write about all the events that have happened over the past few days (no, not THOSE events … I always knew my audience were perverts!) but I dunno where to start. Between the endless eating, and the countless parties, and the constant dressing up, it’s all a blur. I’ll try something new … maybe I’ll start at the beginning!

Obviously, my London post is left half done, but I’d lose a lotta time going over the events with Aneel. Let me just say that he made my day absolutely and thoroughly enjoyable. It involved a lot of jokes, a lot of sightseeing, and a lot of laughing. Thanks bro! Much appreciated!

I got home to a house full of the excitement that surrounds a wedding home. In other words, everything was a mess! Clothes everywhere, jewelry boxes, suitcases overflowing. Everyone looked exhausted, especially my parents. They had been busy setting up the new couples room and it looked spectacular. I guess more than anything, their effort was so clearly visible, it made it all the more appealing.

The next day, I had an appointment at the Grooming Lounge spa for men, thanks to my friend Gina. I was kinda iffy about the whole thing, but was also intrigued by it. I dragged my cuz along with me, and altho he talks like I totally forced him into it, he has to admit that it was actually quite a lot of fun! We got manicures, a relaxing facial, and I got a haircut. We came out with our faces all red and pimply – we looked HAAAWT!

Sunday morning we left for Tampa and man, that was something! 6 people, 8 carryons, and 12 suitcases! And most of them over the baggage allowance of 50lbs! Not to worry … a lil tip slipped in the right place does wonders ;o) All the bags were checked in curbside with no problems and off we went.

My family greeted us in Tampa and the parties were officially underway. Along with the incessant teasing. I guess I was shielded by the whole thing since I was so far away, but there was no getting away from it here, I suppose. We had uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews … everyone was up in the joint. But it felt really nice to see everyone coming together for MY wedding.

I guess I should mention that it has been somewhat of a joke in my family as far as my wedding goes. I think I started making noises about wanting to be married back when I was like 17yrs old, and either everyone was so tired of hearing about it, or they enjoyed it so much – they all decided to attend the event. I wasn’t complaining!

Everyday family members were pouring in from all across the US, and this was shaping upto be the ONE event where my ENTIRE family would attend, save for one uncle and his progeny. And I guess I should I also mention that my dad’s side of the family is huge! 11 brothers and sisters makes for a lot of cousins, and fortunately, we all get along great.

Tuesday was the day of the mehndi … the official wedding kickoff event. This event is hosted by the brides family, and it’s a chance for the grooms family to display the gifts they are giving for the bride – the wedding and valima outfits, the various other outfits and all the jewelry.

I was soooooooooo extremely nervous leading upto the mehndi, and I was trying to keep myself busy in everything else but getting ready to go. My main reason for apprehension: being the center of attention. No fun!

Anyways … to make a long story short … we got to the venue sooo late (like 2.5hrs late, but who’s counting!) but it turned out great. I was nervous for the first 10-15 minutes, but after that it got easier and I actually started enjoying it. We have some fun stuff we do during the mehndi, and after all was said and done, we got back to our hotel at around 1ish.

Everyone gathered in our room and before we knew it, it was nearly 4 and we decided to finally call it a day. Tomorrow was the big event … the actual wedding. The day of no return, the moment of truth!

I’ll try to do this in pieces so it’s easier for everyone to swallow ;o)

London – so nice and cozy, yah!

I flew into London early yesterday morning and was kinda disappointed with Heathrow. It looked so old and crudgy, not at all what I remembered when I was here 2yrs ago. But I guess I was also in the old terminal.

I got to the IBIS Hotel, about 5 miles from the airport, and had to wait a good 2hrs before they could check me in!!! I had an early flight, and they had no rooms ready. That was ok tho, cuz they only charged me for one night, whereas I was dreading being charged for 2. So 2hrs on the couch in the lobby saved me $100! Can’t complain, can I?

I got to the room, and crashed … waiting for a certain Mr. Aneel to show up so we could go chill out. I actually stopped over in London to see Aneel, and was waiting quite anxiously for him to show up. I met him first like 4 months ago I suppose, but have known him for almost a year now. Really nice, caring Pakistani guy … handling the accounts of the big cats out in London.

Guy is sooo important that even tho he was nearly dying yesterday, he had to goto work today or they were gonna bring the client site to the hospital. Now THAT’S power, baby!

It was raining, and was kinda chilly but no harm! All worked out. We headed over to the Hounslow West underground station, and man I was freakin out! This is hte SAME station they showed in the Bend It Like Beckham movie! WHOA!!! Ok, so it wasn’t all THAT great, but I was really stoked ;o)

We took a 25-min ride to the famed Picadilly Circus stop. Wasn’t too impressed … looks like a mini version of Times Square. But it was fun to see all the double-decker red buses plowing around. It was cold, and I had no proper attire so we stopped in this placed called “Crest of London” and I ended up buying a cool London sweatshirt!

From there we walked over to Lester Square … a very nice, Dupont Circle/Adams Morgan looking kinda area and then we saw heaven on earth, beckoning us to go inside. Yeap, you’re absolutely right … it was a Haagen-Dazs store! Very nice ambience inside and our choices were beyond words mmmmmmmmmm! I got a Chocolate Hot Chocolate and Aneel got some delish banana-choco muffin thingy with nut ice cream and cream! I’m sure I started the put-on-weight process just as I was ordering the freakin thing!

From there my perverted friend wanted to show me the red light district of London … better known as SoHO! What an appropriate name! It was daytime, so the place didn’t look way too seedy, but still … there were sex stores all around, one which we visited … out of curiosity more than anything. Embarrassing … best word to describe the experience. As we walked out, this old man approached us offering us a lap dance by a “live girl” … correct me if I’m wrong … but I wasn’t aware that dead girls could give lap dances! The things you learn everyday!

*Aaaah* I have only 3 minutes left on this stupid paid Internet thing so I’m gonna sign off on this happy note and pick up the rest tomorrow!

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