I flew into London early yesterday morning and was kinda disappointed with Heathrow. It looked so old and crudgy, not at all what I remembered when I was here 2yrs ago. But I guess I was also in the old terminal.

I got to the IBIS Hotel, about 5 miles from the airport, and had to wait a good 2hrs before they could check me in!!! I had an early flight, and they had no rooms ready. That was ok tho, cuz they only charged me for one night, whereas I was dreading being charged for 2. So 2hrs on the couch in the lobby saved me $100! Can’t complain, can I?

I got to the room, and crashed … waiting for a certain Mr. Aneel to show up so we could go chill out. I actually stopped over in London to see Aneel, and was waiting quite anxiously for him to show up. I met him first like 4 months ago I suppose, but have known him for almost a year now. Really nice, caring Pakistani guy … handling the accounts of the big cats out in London.

Guy is sooo important that even tho he was nearly dying yesterday, he had to goto work today or they were gonna bring the client site to the hospital. Now THAT’S power, baby!

It was raining, and was kinda chilly but no harm! All worked out. We headed over to the Hounslow West underground station, and man I was freakin out! This is hte SAME station they showed in the Bend It Like Beckham movie! WHOA!!! Ok, so it wasn’t all THAT great, but I was really stoked ;o)

We took a 25-min ride to the famed Picadilly Circus stop. Wasn’t too impressed … looks like a mini version of Times Square. But it was fun to see all the double-decker red buses plowing around. It was cold, and I had no proper attire so we stopped in this placed called “Crest of London” and I ended up buying a cool London sweatshirt!

From there we walked over to Lester Square … a very nice, Dupont Circle/Adams Morgan looking kinda area and then we saw heaven on earth, beckoning us to go inside. Yeap, you’re absolutely right … it was a Haagen-Dazs store! Very nice ambience inside and our choices were beyond words mmmmmmmmmm! I got a Chocolate Hot Chocolate and Aneel got some delish banana-choco muffin thingy with nut ice cream and cream! I’m sure I started the put-on-weight process just as I was ordering the freakin thing!

From there my perverted friend wanted to show me the red light district of London … better known as SoHO! What an appropriate name! It was daytime, so the place didn’t look way too seedy, but still … there were sex stores all around, one which we visited … out of curiosity more than anything. Embarrassing … best word to describe the experience. As we walked out, this old man approached us offering us a lap dance by a “live girl” … correct me if I’m wrong … but I wasn’t aware that dead girls could give lap dances! The things you learn everyday!

*Aaaah* I have only 3 minutes left on this stupid paid Internet thing so I’m gonna sign off on this happy note and pick up the rest tomorrow!